Friday, November 11, 2016


Did you know that the President and the Vice-President of the USA are exempt from The Ethics in Government Act of 1978?

Yeah, that's right. The Pussygrabber-and-Moneylaunderer-in-Chief is exempt.

He who used to hold underage-sex-and-cocaine parties? Exempt.

He who told a young girl he just met on an escalator that in 10 years time he would be dating her? Exempt.

He who wants to you-know-what his own daughter? Exempt.

He who rants and whines about bad trade deals that ship American jobs overseas but exploits those same trade deals to make a sweet, sweet profit? Exempt.

If there is a conflict of interest between being President of the USA and, I dunno, let's take his foreign policy, and it just so happens that whatever action the President decides to take, e.g. war, benefits his business(es) then the President cannot be prosecuted for gaining from taking such action.

Let's say he owes a debt overseas. If the President decides to takeout that debtor with a drone strike, say, then he (or she) cannot prosecuted.

Because the position of President of the USA comes with enormous trust. As POTUS you are expected to decide for the country, not yourself. Trust.

Can you trust Trump when he sais that he would be neutral on the Israel-Palestine conflict but then goes on to say that nobody loves Israel more than him?

Can you trust Trump after all that flip-floppping over war on Iraq and Libya, and abortion, etc?

No. Me neither.

Trump has more than 500 businesses listed with the Federal Election Commission. More than 500!

He knows (or should know) where and how each one operates. Very few others will also know. So it would be relatively easy for him to do this act or take that action to benefit personally, knowing that he is exempt.

He knocked the Clintons over corruption. Can Trump resist?

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