Monday, November 21, 2016


Can you see what has happened?

Israel and the Zionists have pushed this alt-right thing from the start. They see Obama and Clinton as anti-Israel (even though Obama has helped to destroy Syria for them), particularly after the P5+1 deal with Iran was agreed, and have latched onto the anti-Obama feeling in the USA and pushed this alt-right bollocks. That's why Zionists like Ezra Levant and Joseph Farah have been so pro-Trump.

Stephen Bannon, US president-elect Donald Trump’s controversial pick for a senior adviser post, is a “lover of Israel” who has worked hard to combat Jew-hatred in American colleges, a close associate of Bannon said Sunday.

“Not only is he not an anti-Semite — he’s a fighter against anti-Semitism,” said Aaron Klein, the Jerusalem bureau chief for the Breitbart news website, which Bannon led until recently.

...“Stephen Bannon approached me to start Breitbart Jerusalem a year ago with the specific goal of defending Israel against the onslaught of really unfair, negative, biased reporting on Israel by most of the world’s news media,” said Klein.

...Klein added: “I have known him intimately and not only do I not know of any anti-Semitic statements — I know him to be a lover of Israel and somebody who literally fights against anti-Semitism.”

[source : Bannon’s Israel point man scoffs at anti-Semitism claims, ‘doesn’t know’ the alt-right, Times of Israel,, 21st November 2016]

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