Monday, November 14, 2016


If you are still unaware of who Roger Stone is and what he has done:
1. he was the lover of deep, dark CIA agent Roy Cohn who procured children for the CIA to abuse;
2. Stone completely undermined democracy and bought the 1980 election for Ronald Reagan with a $125k bung from Cohn;
3. Stone enabled 9/11 and the PNAC wars when he organised a riot to stop a recount in Florida in 2000, which allowed George W Bush to enter the White House;
4. Stone enabled the financial crisis of 2007/8 when he scuttled Eliot Spitzer's investigation into corrupt Wall Street practices.

It's fair to say that Stone is a bad guy for enabling global war and austerity.

So how does Stone feel about the appointment of Bannon?

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