Friday, November 18, 2016


There are some, probably in Russia, heaving a huge sigh of relief over the appointment of Michael T. Flynn as Trump's National Security Advisor but all it does is reaffirm my analysis that one of Trump's given roles, besides diverting anger at Wall Street onto non-whites, is to start war with Iran and finish off what 9/11 was done for:

Everything and everybody associated with Team Trump points to a focus on Iran.

Flynn is a paranoid Neocon-lite.

Flynn detests Iran and the P5+1 deal.

Flynn has just published a book co-authored with Michael Ledeen.

In 2015, Flynn gave evidence to the Joint Foreign Affairs and HASC Subcommittees on Iran, in which Flynn said:
I believe that Iran represents a clear and present danger to the region, and eventually to the world...

Flynn tweeted a paranoid video which attempted to portray all Muslims as terrorists (when the likes of Infowhores have made a living out of claiming that all Islamic terror plots are inside jobs):

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