Thursday, November 10, 2016


Trump has already invited Netanyahu to talk with him in the USA.

And yesterday, less than 24 hours after Clinton conceded, that deal with Iran was under threat, and calls were made for more illegal settlements.

After sweeping the election on Tuesday, U.S. President-elect Donald Trump invited Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the U.S. for a meeting.

The two spoke on the phone on Wednesday hours after Netanyahu congratulated Trump on his surprising win, saying Trump was a "true friend of Israel." According to a statement by Netanyahu, during their phone call, the two agreed to meet at the "first opportunity."

[source : After Sweeping Election, Trump Invites Netanyahu to U.S. for Meeting, Haaretz,, 9th November 2016]

And can you remember Alex Jones talking with Joseph Farah recently on Infowars? I covered that in THE ALEX JONES/JOSEPH FARAH/RICHARD MELLON SCAIFE LOVE-IN. Farah was financed by the establishment insider Richard Mellon Scaife, and now runs perhaps the most Zionist media on the internet, World Net Daily. Jones praised Farah on Infowars.

So what has Farah written today?
Today I take off for Israel, again – the fifth time in the last four years.

Maybe you wonder why I have been spending so much time there – about 5 percent of all my time.

The answer is simple – it’s the center of the world, from God’s perspective. It’s where His spirit is moving. It’s the site of the greatest single miracle in the history of the planet, and it’s taking place right now.

What am I talking about?

What we have seen beginning in the latter part of the 20th century and continuing into the 21st is indeed evidence of God’s greatest miracle ever – the regathering of Israel.

In fact, God Himself predicted the miracle of this return of the Jews from all over the earth and proclaimed it a bigger miracle than the parting of the Red Sea.

...Israel’s fate is not, therefore, in the hands of its enemies. Israel’s fate is not in the hands of the “international community.” Israel’s fate is not in the hands of Barack Obama. Israel’s fate is in the hands of God.

[source : Why I'm headed to Israel, again, WND,, 10th November 2016]

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