Saturday, November 05, 2016


You may well believe that Trump is running for the Presidency of the United States because he wants to make America great again.

Well, you're wrong.

Trump is as much a patriot as Benedict Arnold. He is projecting faux patriotism as a cover for his Zionism.


Yes. Really.

He didn't decide to run because he was concerned about American workers. Why do you think he and Ivanka have shipped their jobs overseas to use cheap foreign sweatshop (possibly child) labour?

Nope. He decided to run to save Israel. Why do you think he said he was going to make America AND ISRAEL safe again in a video message played at a pro-Trump rally in Jerusalem a few days ago?

“I think, honestly, the Iran nuclear deal was one of the things that made him jump into the race,” [Eric] Trump told New York’s AM 970 The Answer radio. “I think that was a game changer for him.”

“That is when he finally said, ‘Kids, I am going to [do] it. I am going to give this a real shot,’” Trump continued.

Donald Trump has been a vocal opponent of the Iran nuclear deal. At a February speech before the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), Trump strongly criticized against the agreement and stated that his “number one priority” if he takes office will be to nix “the disastrous deal with Iran.”

Trump's “number one priority” is not to bring jobs back to America, or to get Clinton.

Nope. His “number one priority” is to rip up that P5+1 deal with Iran.

And Iran is the only nation named in that plan for war and regime change revealed to General Wesley Clark that has not experienced war and/or regime change.

9/11 was done to get Iran.

Iran is still untouched.

Why is it that the Zionists (Levant, Horowitz, Adelson, Molyneux, Farah) and now Infowhores support Trump?

Get it now?

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