Sunday, November 13, 2016


Tommy Robinson went to Israel recently.

While there he was interviewed by ultra-Zionist Ezra Levant's Rebel Media.

That T-shirt Robinson wears says Israel but I can't tell if there is any more text underneath the word Israel.

The text on the T-shirt could say "Israel is great" or something similar.

Or it could say "Israel did 9/11", or "Israel created ISIS", or maybe even "Israel works with Saudi Arabia".

Who knows?

But I think we can get a clue about what the T-shirt says from this photo of Robinson in allegedly the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights:

Funny how people like Robinson and Paul "cunt" Watson attack only Islam, when Watson has made a career out of claiming that every Islamic terrorist attack was a false flag run by the FBI and/or the CIA and/or MI6 and/or MI5 and/or Mossad and/or NATO etc, etc etc...

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