Thursday, December 28, 2017


While Trump, Infowars and and Trump's other beguiled dupes celebrated Christmas and wished each other "merry Christmas", guess what Trump's new bestest mates in the whole wide world, the Saudis, were doing?

Yep. Blowing Yemen to smithereens andkilling civilians, probably with American bombs, fuel and intelligence.

And yes, that is the same Saudi Arabia who Infowars have accused many, many times of complicity in 9/11.

Here's yet more Yemen blood on Bomber Trump's hands.

Sixty-eight Yemeni civilians were killed in two air raids by the Saudi-led coalition in one day, the UN’s humanitarian coordinator in Yemen has said, as he condemned what he described as “an absurd and futile war”.

Jamie McGoldrick’s unusually direct criticism came in an update citing initial reports from the UN human rights office of the two strikes earlier this week. The first hit a crowded market in Taez province, killing 54 civilians, including eight children, and wounding 32 others, McGoldrick said. The second was in the Red Sea province of Hodeida and killed 14 people from the same family.

“I remain deeply disturbed by mounting civilian casualties caused by escalated and indiscriminate attacks throughout Yemen,” McGoldrick said. In addition to the casualties from Tuesday’s two air raids, another 41 civilians were killed and 43 wounded over the previous 10 days of fighting, he said.

[source : Saudi-led airstrikes kill 68 civilians in one day of Yemen's 'absurd' war, The Guardian,, 28th December 2017]

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