Thursday, December 28, 2017


Alex Jones and Infowars have been calling out Rupert Murdoch and Fox News as globalist for years. But it turns out that Murdoch and Fox luuuuurv Bomber Trump!

Here's Alex challenging Glenn Beck to expose Murdoch:
We have a global government run by private banking cartels that’s taken over our nation, and Glenn, we cannot allow you to blame it all on a mid-level nobody like Van Jones and tell us he is the top of the pyramid. Glenn, I’ll really start to believe in you when you do a show on Rupert Murdoch admittedly being one of the key people behind the move for global carbon taxes to fund this new private world government. And I want to tell the globalists something; you think Glenn Beck has co-opted my message and my information? No. This door swings both ways, this is a two way street, a double-edged sword. We are only getting more viewers and more listeners because of Glenn Beck. People are using him as a doorway and then they are finding the real bona fide information.

[source : Alex Jones’ Message For Glenn Beck & The Globalists, Logistics Monster,, 25th February 2011]

Now, why would Globalist Murdoch support Bomber Trump so much?

Why would Murdoch's Fox News support Bomber Trump so much?

Possibilities are:
1. Murdoch was a globalist then but is no longer a globalist;
2. Alex Jones was wrong about Murdoch and he wasn't a globalist then;
3. Alex Jones was right, Murdoch was a globalist then, and still is, and is backing Trump because Trump is rightist deep state.

What you have to process is that Henry Kissinger advises both Trump and Jared Kushner, and Kushner advises Trump.

And Trump has picked many members of Bilderberg, CFR, Skull & Bones.

And Trump has just sold out to the two nations that Infowars have accused of complicity in 9/11: Israel, and Saudi Arabia.

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