Sunday, December 17, 2017


On Wednesday, Bomber Trump will be 11 months, almost one full year, into his presidency.

So what's he done?

Well, if you read the likes Fox and Infowars (Fox-lite) you could be thinking that Bomber Trump has single-handedly saved the universe from evil leftists (coz all leftists are evil, right?). The main thing that Bomber Trump appears to have done to win such praise is tax reform, but by most accounts the winners of this tax reform are the likes of Bilderberg Zionist billionaire Rupert Murdoch (Fox) and multi-millionaire CIA/Confederate/JBS/rightist/conspiracy motormouth Alex Jones (Infowars=Fox-lite).

But here's just a few things that Bomber Trump has done that Murdoch and Jones forgot, shall we say, to mention:
1. after dropping strong hints that he knew the Saudis did 9/11, Bomber Trump flew to Riyadh, agreed a $350 billion weapons and defence deal with the Saudis, and forged an alliance with the Saudis against Iran;
2. perhaps the biggest benificiary of that $350 billion deal is Boeing of the military-industrial complex, who expect to get $50 billion. Bomber Trump and other Trumpers point to the likes of the Dow Jones Index (DJI) as an indicator of Trump's success. But it turns out that Boeing is a component of the DJI. And not just that. Boeing is the most expensive stock in the index, and due to Trump's treason in Riyadh also has the largest YTD increase in the DJI. Other components of the DJI driving the index are Apple and McDonalds. So yeah! Let's cheer at the joyous news that the military-industrial complex/globalists are getting rich!
3. after tweeting Obama dozens of times to stay out of Syria, what is Bomber Trump doing? Yep. Colonising Syria;
4. and after tweeting Obama dozens of times to get out of Afghanistan, what is Bomber Trump doing? Yep. Going back into Afghanistan;
5. while the Saudis pummel Yemen, what does Bomber Trump do? Yep. Helps the Saudis reduce Yemen to rubble and create a humanitarian crisis affecting 20 million people, millions of whom are homeless, starving, dehydrated children who now face not just a cholera epidemic but now also diptheria;
6. and we can't knock Trump for his naked Zionism. He proclaimed it early on in the campaign. He told AIPAC that he would rip up the Iran deal (which he has begun to do). But what Trump has done, by recognising Jerusalem and moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem is torpedo any prospects for peace in the Middle East (which is what his masters want because they did 9/11 to get Iran, so any wars or trouble in the Middle East will be welcome to Trump's masters because they could be used for war on Iran).

So, yeah. Juuuuust grrrrrrrrrreat!

He wants the world to hire American and buy American while he hires cheap foreign labour at Mar-a-Lago and Trump Winery, and his daughter Ivanka is now flogging her products (which are overwhelmingly made in cheap Communist Chinese sweatshops) in Trump Tower!

And despite all of the above hypocrisy and treason and betrayal, the likes of Infowars and Fox News continue to defend and promote Bomber Trump.

Heaven help us.

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