Saturday, December 30, 2017


A few days ago I used the melody of John Lennon's "Happy Xmas (War is Over)" and amended the lyrics. One line I amended was "War is over if you want it" and replaced it with "War's not over with Trump as POTUS".

Well, looky here. Mad Dog Mattis says that war's not over in Syria and Iraq, despite Islamic State being wiped out (or in some cases actually allowed to escape for their next assignment for the Zionist/NATO/Gulf monarchies, which I believe will be Iran).
Declarations of victory over ISIS by both Iraq and Syria, along with Russia, are not having an impact on US military policy in the region, according to Defense Secretary James Mattis, who insisted on Friday that “the war is not over.”

Which isn’t to say that the US is determined to keep fighting a war against ISIS, as such, but rather that there’s definitely going to be a war against somebody in those countries. Mattis in particular has been keen to talk up the idea of an “ISIS 2.0” emerging in areas ISIS has been expelled from.

...Instead, Mattis seems to be presenting this as not just an open-ended deployment, but an open-ended war against an ever-changing collection of enemies. In Syria in particular, this is likely to mean a shift away from Islamist rebels and toward pro-government militias.

[source : Mattis: ‘The War Is Not Over’ in Iraq and Syria, Antiwar,, 29th December 2017]

So it doesn't matter if Syria, Iraq and Russia declare victory, the USA (under Bomber Trump) is staying in Syria (having not been invited in in the first place), just in case ISIS 2.0 emerges, when we all know, as the quote above suggests, the real war the USA wants (on behalf of Israel) will be with the Syrian government, its military and pro-Assad militias.

And this after Bomber Trump tweeted dozens of times that Obama should stay out of Syria!!

And there's me thinking it was all gonna be diff'rent under Trump because the CIA/Confederate Infowars said it would.

Silly me.

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