Friday, January 17, 2020


Daddy Dave cites The Biggest Secret as his blockbuster book, in which he basically called out the British Monarchy as reptilian warmongering kiddie-fiddlers and explained the history and use of St George Cross.

Today daddy Dave's son Garth posted on daddy dave's website alleged 'comedian' Alistair Williams who:
1. uses a large St George Cross as a backdrop in his videos;
2. protects and serves the British Monarchy.

Who's having the last laff here then?

I'd say the British Monarchy!

This is in addition to daddy Dave making a living out of saying "Love is all there is" when Garth:
1. mocked gay anti-war, anti-racist Owen Jones after Jones was violently assaulted by 3 far-right thugs;
2. mocked me after my sister's house was burgled for 2 external hard drives in a very targeted burglary.

The Ickes are now just a money-making cult.

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