Thursday, March 18, 2010


I knew it!

A Bildermorguer never changes his spots.

I knew Brown was lying to Chilcot, and so it has been proven.

Brown will 'correct' evidence he gave to Chilcot regarding funding for the MoD. Brown said to Chilcot the budget for the MoD had increased when in fact it had decreased.

How Brown could get this wrong after ten years as Chancellor and months to prepare his evidence.

I based my assumption that Brown had lied to Chilcot purely on the fact that he betrayed us by signing the Treaty of Lisbon, the wet dream of Bildermorgue, without giving us the referendum he promised.

What else is he lying about?



Defence blunder forces Gordon Brown to beat retreat
Deborah Haynes, Defence Editor and Roland Watson, Political Editor

A former defence chief turned on Gordon Brown last night after the Prime Minister admitted giving inaccurate information to the Iraq inquiry about Britain’s wartime spending.

General Lord Guthrie of Craigiebank said that Mr Brown’s admission that he cut military spending in real terms — rather than increased it, as he told the inquiry — demonstrated his antipathy towards the Armed Forces.

The admission vindicated former commanders, whose claims that the cuts had cost lives were branded by Mr Brown as “disingenous” and “wrong”.

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