Friday, March 26, 2010


I give those who know two weeks to sort out the peadophile ring in the Hampshire area, bring those guilty to justice, either to trial or some other trial, or else those who do nothing or protect the ring will be held personally repsonsible when this horror comes to be public knowledge.

The time of judgement is rapidly approaching.

It's your choice.

We know the story; powerful locals seduced by a local paedophile ring, controlled by MI5 to control local and national and international paedophile rings.

It's known; vote for this or else this photo with little johnnie will be released.

If you are MI5, then think of your children; as yet unchipped, but if those you serve come to power then your children will be prime targets as much as those you find for the process.

The final agenda is total control through the microchip. Once that's in you then forget it. Children, ALL children, will not be protected from paedophiles.

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