Saturday, March 06, 2010


He applied for a grant from The Pentagon under the DARPA Broad Agency Announcement 04-12. His research proposal is entitled Aluminum Anodization for DNA Integrated Circuits. It looks bona fide, i.e. not just a random rant linking some research together, with real references.

I cannot find this particular announcement DARPA BAA 04-12, either open or closed, but there is a DARPA BAA 03-12 which is entitled Applications of Molecular Electronics Technology (MoleApps) which would cover Bedell's application.

Did BAA 04-12 actually exist?

If so then why can I not find it when plenty other DARPA BAAs can be found on the DARPA website?

If not, maybe Bedell made it up.

And DNAputer Research Inc. lists Bedell as the only employee, and is listed as a medical research company receiving $58000 annual income. From what?

Why did Bedell not enroll at university this year?

And for whatever reason DNAputer Research Inc is listed as related to United Defense, once controlled by Carlyle and now owned by BAE. Apparently there is a small testing lab belonging to United Defense in Hollister, and for whatever reason DNAputer seems to be connected to it, but I cannot find the connection, so maybe this is nothing and may simply be that the two are listed in Hollister.

DNAputer is also listed in Richardson, Texas.

In 2000 Bedell posted a blog on Advogato that he said he knew how to create a DNA computer, and I believe this then grew into the DARPA proposal.

Manic depressives should never be left alone for long periods of time.

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