Friday, March 05, 2010


Many many people have tried to explain America.

America represents freedom, is one explanation.

The Promised Land, is another.

But how has the current America evolved from the state of 1300 into the state of 2010?

First, let's define America. By America I mean the USA except Hawaii.

In 1300 it was the home of many people, now classified as American Indians. They were very loosely connected, and had a profound respect for their interaction between themselves and the natural world they lived in.

But gradually their lives were disrupted by the white man.

First in the Caribbean under Columbus and his fellow European financiers, who kidnapped some of the native South Americans and sailed them back to Europe, for amusement, investigation and eventual enslavement.

But then those same forces that explored the New World began to transfer kidnapped Africans to work on plantations in South America, after killing and enslaving the natives, of course.

It was found that one plant, tobacco, could thrive in what we now know as the South East of the USA, so slaves were brought from Africa to be sold to the colonists of that region of America, many of whom professed great respect for the Bible and observed religion, only due to its support for slavery. Obviously this religion was Catholicism, but not so curiously this slavery was also supported and indeed encouraged by the anti-Catholic English, who after Henry VIII had rebelled against Catholicism in the name of freedom.


The point was this; if you were white and religious you stood a chance, particularly if you owned and abused slaves. If you were an African slave then forget it.

But this was just the beginning.

The British Monarchy became the greatest profiteer in this despicable act upon humanity. Other European nations engaged; Spain, the Netherlands, France, etc.

It was capitalism at its sickest.


But the central and West Coast of America had to be colonised and controlled too!

But before that the white man had to consolidate; they had a foothold in the East of America but had opposing points of view. The South supported slavery, the north hated it (despite profiting from such slavery).

In order to have some credence it was decided that anti-slavery should prevail, thus giving the 'pioneers' some sort of moral support as they began to colonise the central and western areas of America and destroyed the native American Indians, their ancient societal structure and their hunting grounds. This all ended at Wounded Knee.

After Wounded Knee it all changed...BIG TIME!

In the late 19th Century the native American had been reduced to a circus freak.

In 1913 the greatest hoax ever foisted upon mankind was created; The Federal Reserve.

Since then we've experienced two brutal world wars (both financed by The US Federal Reserve in one way or another), the implementation of a world governmnent apparatus (controlled by the same family structure that engineeered all the previous global chaos), and a mega-trillion bailout of the banks all owned and controlled by the same cabal that is beyond comprehension.

There is only one symbol to represent this global manipulation and murder;

If anyone has a view that explains the colonisation and expansion of the USA into the soul-destroying bastard nation we suffer now then I would be interested to know of it.

ps if you don't know the symbol highlighted it is an inverted, incomplete and irregular pentagram, perhaps the most Satanic symbol ever, and it is pointing directly into the White House.

Explain that, President Obummer!!!

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