Thursday, March 04, 2010


Pearl Harbour just happened, didn't it?

The Japanese travelled thousands and thousands of miles over the Pacific, without detection or warning, to attack Pearl Harbour, didn't they?

That's what some people want you to believe.

There are many versions of Pearl Harbour, some more patriotic than others, some more truthful but less acceptable and digestible, than others.

There are other versions that do not put that attack into a true and full historical concept.

Version 1 - the Japanese decided to attack Pearl Harbour without provocation. This is the one we are all taught, and can view in full glorious technicolor in Tora! Tora! Tora!, and the curioulsy entitled Pearl Harbor, released in 2001 starring Ben Affleck, winning Oscars, just in time for 9/11. You naughty Japs!

Version 2 - the Japanese were deliberately provoked into attacking Pearl Harbour, to drag the USA into another world war. more bloody and violent, eventually leading to the successful formation of a world-government-apparatus-in-waiting, an outcome not secured by WW1. This is nowhere near addressed and popular as version 1, and is thus not so accepted but is still a controversial theory, despite the overwhelming evidence that some still fail to recognise and address.

Version 3 -

I leave version 3 to the readers imagination.

Pearl Harbour was provoked or was not provoked.

If it was provoked then why, and to whose benefit?

If it was not provoked then why is there overwhelming evidence, suppressed evidence, to support such a controversial thesis?

Well done Kesha!

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