Friday, March 12, 2010


It is that with a sorry heart that I fear something catastrophic may happen between either now or the time that Bildermorgue Gordon Brown announces the date of the 2010 GE, and the anticipated election in early May occurs.

I get this feeling that something very bad may occur because
1. it is absolutely crystal clear that current events and general emotions are really beginning to spook the ptb in a very big way; not just annoyance but explicit outrage!
2. the bank bailout, not just by USA but also by the EU, has become unacceptable to the general population
3. the plan for easy and total domination of the Caspian and Middle East has not worked out, and is becoming apparent to more and more that 9/11 was a murderous hoax by elements within our governments.

I proposed that 2. and 3. were in fact designed to provoke the world, due to the omnipresent and boring and tragically engineered dispute between Islam and Judaism, into a catastrophic world war 3 that after WW1 (which had at least implanted into the the world the idea of a world government), and WW2 (which had at least created a world-government-apparatus-in-wating) would lead to the rapid and easy formation of a world government for the ultrarich, by the ultrarich of the eternally poor.

Russia Today at least appears to be supporting our plight, but after its lack of coverage of Hollie Greig I can now only sympathise with the idea that ALL governments (and probably due to paedophilia) are complicit in the agenda for world government by the kiddie-fiddlers for the kiddie-fiddlers of the fcukt-up.

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