Friday, March 05, 2010


The first and major point of record is that he was reported missing.

When and for how long Bedell was missing is still a mystery.

There has as yet been no report on his recent employment, only that he was interested in computer programming.

I have seen reports that he is listed as the principal investigator into some software development program as a director of DNAputer Research Inc, which would concur with his interests. Apparently Bedell had a great interest in DNA computing, which as I understand is a relatively new concept in computer science, but with fantastic implications and rewards. DNA computing attempts to fuse current computing with natural computation in the human body via DNA. Quantum computing is a related area of research. The point of this research is to fuse the now recognised powerful natural computing power of DNA with conventional computation.

I would say that Bedell, if it is him, was on the edge of what we could call the Military-Industrial-Complex with this cutting edge research, and would thus expose him and his beliefs to certain factions within the US government.

It appears he was also not against the herb, and felt quite passionately about that, but he was also sure that JFK was assassinated by an international cabal of gangsters who control the international drug trade.



His parents recently filed a missing persons report with authorities. His parents warned authorities their son was upset and might have a gun, a source told the Associated Press.

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me said...

What's also convenient for the PTB is that Bedell is now dead.

Shooting at armed guards at the Pentagon is virtually guarnateed suicide.

Why would Bedell do this?

He travelled the full breadth of the USA, from California to the Pentagon to shoot at armed guards at the Pentagon?