Sunday, July 26, 2015


In June this year, Atlantic Council colleague of Eliot Higgins, Alina Polyakova, had told us that there were no Nazis in the Ukraine government, and that they had been marginalised. I covered this in ALINYA POLYAKOVA WHITEWASHES NATO COUP IN UKRAINE, in which I quote Polyakova thus:
The Russian government and its proxies in eastern Ukraine have consistently branded Kyiv's government a fascist junta and accused it of having Nazi sympathizers. Moscow's propaganda is outrageous and wrong. In fact, Ukraine's radical right political parties—Right Sector and Svoboda—have been marginalized.

But hang on. What do we have here?

Ukraine's government has a problem on its hands: A far-right group has tapped into growing frustration among Ukrainians over the declining economy and tepid support from the West. Right Sector (Pravy Sektor) has a dangerous agenda.

In the most direct challenge to Kyiv's government, Right Sector announced that it will begin organising a national referendum on the population's distrust of Ukraine's parliament, cabinet, and the president.

...The $50 billion called for by George Soros is the minimum “lifeline” that Ukraine needs to survive. Without this injection of financial support, groups like the Right Sector will continue to make political noise that distracts from the real work that Ukraine’s leaders must do.

...Volunteers returning from the front lines report fighting with regular Russian army forces, not Ukrainian separatists. While the Ukrainian government has repeatedly said that tens of thousands of Russian troops are fighting in eastern Ukraine, it has refused to call the conflict a war, preferring to use the ambiguous ATO label.

The government has a legitimate reason for this ambiguity: calling the conflict a war would cut off Ukraine from much needed financial assistance from international lending agencies, such as the International Monetary Fund, which do not provide assistance to countries at war.

However, as evidence of Russian troops and military bases in Ukraine mounts, volunteer fighters have grown frustrated with the language from Kyiv’s officials.

[source : Alina Polykova, Kiev's far-right problem, EU Observer,, 24th July 2015]

Damn it, eh?

Those pesky neo-Nazis. They just won't go away. You first use them to oust a legitimately elected government to provoke Russia, and they are supposed to just fade away, but they just won't go away. They are the neo-Nazi fart in the Ukrainian spacesuit. Demanding this neo-Nazi policy. Demanding that neo-Nazi policy.

A word of advice, love. Just don't use neo-Nazis. OK?


Just stay true to NATO principles, do not piss on the graves of those who died fighting Nazis in WW2, and don't use extreme nationalist neo-Nazis such as Right Sector and Svoboda in a violent NATO-sponsored coup to oust a legitimately elected government and provoke Russia.



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