Sunday, July 26, 2015


Here's just a little more detail on what is going to happen during August, as I had speculated.

Foreign minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said the attacks against Isis were being conducted with the aim of creating an “Isis free zone” in northern Syria but gave no details of how far this buffer would extend into Syria or how it would be maintained.

Mr Cavusoglu said the strikes had been conducted by Turkish forces with the full knowledge of the US but without the involvement of US forces.

“All decisions have been made together with the US within the framework of our agreement, but so far all operations have been conducted by our forces using our own resources,” he said.

[source : Turkey expands air strikes against Isis to include Kurdish separatist bases, FT,, 25th July 2015]

So Turkey is creating this buffer zone inside Syria with the nod from the USA.

Have you all got that?

This is what I based my forecast on:
1. Assad, with support from Russia, Iran and Hezbollah, has been holding up the plan revealed to General Wesley Clark for 4 years;
2. in March this year a clandestine meeting took place in Turkey at which the aggressors against Syria (one of whom is Turkey!!) agreed that enough was enough, and that the Syrian rebels would be given everything they needed, except SAMs, to finish the job they were paid to do in 2011 of ousting Assad;
3. within weeks of this meeting the rebels started to make spectacular gains, but these were quickly rolled back by the Syrian military, who were naturally accused of using chemical weapons;
4. so Brookings released a report proposing buffer and no fly zones in Syria that the Syrian military dare not attack for fear of retaliation;
5. then a highly suspicious terrorist attack occured at Sousse which targeted British holiday makers which provoked more calls for war on Syria, but it turns out that the accused man behind that attack in Sousse ran a terrorist organisation out of London when there was a Covenant of Security between Islamic terrorists and MI5 so it is possible that he is still a British agent.

On 17th July I posted STEW IN YOUR OWN FILTH in which I stated:
I think something is planned for August, to increase international tension, maybe destabilision for war, but until then...

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