Friday, July 31, 2015


Why have the Tories done this? Because they know it is all a scam.

In the 1980s we were told we were about to enter a new ice age. But that suddenly changed in the 1990s to being told that we were all going to boil to death due to man-made global warming, and that the only remedy was to cede all national sovereignty to a world government who would reduce global population to 'save the planet', knowing all along that any policies that were implemented and were apparently successful would not actually work, and that any cooling that would take place would be due to the natural cycle of global cooling as predicted in the 1980s. But by then it would be too late: a world government would be in power and the population reduced by billions.

Environment and conservation groups representing millions of people have written to David Cameron to register their “major concern” at the cancellation or weakening of 10 green polices since he was re-elected.

The heads of the 10 groups, which include the National Trust, Greenpeace and the RSPB, said they were shocked and worried at the changes, and rated the Conservative government’s track record on nature and climate change as woeful.

[source : Green groups express 'major concern' over Tory policies in letter to Cameron, The Guardian,, 31st July 2015]


And to back that up:
The Prince of Wales has been branded a “serial hypocrite” after it emerged that the heir to the throne– who prides himself on his green credentials – used a helicopter to fly less than 70 miles in order to attend a polo match.

Prince Charles has frequently spoken of the need to address climate change and has urged members of the public to cut their carbon footprint. In 2012 he declared “mankind must go green or die”, and earlier this year he encouraged Britons to mark Earth Hour by switching off lights to save energy and reflecting on “this extraordinary planet that sustains us all”.

[source : Prince Charles branded a 'serial hypocrite' after flying less than 70 miles to attend polo match, The Independent,, 31st July 2015]

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