Sunday, July 26, 2015


Assad stated on Syrian TV today that his army is struggling to replace soldiers who have been killed in the violence instigated in Syria by NATO/Zionist/Gulf powers in 2011. As a consequence the Syrian Arab Army is concentrating on saving a rump of Syria.

This will lead to the partition of Syria.

So did Assad basically concede defeat today, and agree to a partition of Syria?

Evidence for a backdoor deal is:
1. Russia and Saudi Arabia are engaged in highly significant business deals;
2. Russia has agreed with Turkey to send Russian gas to Europe through Turkey;
3. Turkey is now beginning to implement safe/buffer/no fly zones over Syria;
4. Assad may, repeat may, indicating that his army can only defend particular regions of Syria, so is he prepared to concede the loss of those regions the SAA cannot control?

Note the timing: Assad says his army is struggling; several hours later, but on the same day, Turkey calls for a NATO meeting about threats to Turkey.

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