Friday, July 24, 2015


John Mann MP has written an open letter to Jeremy Corbyn MP in an attempt to smear Corbyn as sympathetic to child sex abusers.

Mann questions Corbyn's politics by questioning Corbyn's reaction to the allegations of child abuse in Islington.

But hang on. What do we have here?

John Mann's voting record shows that he:
1. voted for war on Iraq;
2. voted against an inquiry into the war on Iraq;
3. voted to renew Trident;
4. voted for a No Fly Zone over Libya.

In other words, if Mann is accusing Corbyn of facilitating child sex abuse then through his voting record Mann, like many MPs, can be blamed for Islamic State.

Mann did however vote against war on Syria in 2013.

Mann, unlike Corbyn, did not vote against the eyewatering austerity being implemented to bail out the Tory's mates, the bankers.

Mann's policy on the Israel-Palestine conflict is camouflaged through citing the it's-racist-to-criticise-Israel argument. He is pro-Israel.

Take these tweets by Mann that I found on the North West Friends of Israel website:
1. Gerald Kaufman should retire now :)

2. I congratulate North West Friends of Israel for doing its job

3. line into anti Semitism crossed this summer. Most Jews are Zionist & demonizing of Zionists is demonizing Jews & is racist

[source : John Mann in Conversation with Ivan Lewis – Key Tweets as tweeted by @NorthWestFOI, North West Friends of Israel,, 12th December 2014]

Note the date: 12th December 2014, just a few months after Israel had blown to bits at least 500 Palestinian children and at least 2000 Palestinians in total during July and August of 2014.

One must ask if Mann is using the child abuse inquiry to hide his warmongering?

Corbyn has always demanded an independent inquiry into child sex abuse.

Corbyn is correct: Mann has dragged the Labour leadership debate to a new low.

But look at this tweet I found on Mann's twitter:

I'm expecting something to happen during August regarding Syria. As reported by Tony Cartalucci, plans are being made to implement no fly zones and buffer zones inside Syria that the Syrian military will dare not attack for fear of retaliation by the NATO/Zionist/Gulf powers who unleashed the plague of Jihadi locusts onto Syria in the first place. Within a week or two of this report there was the attack at Sousse in Tunisia on British holidaymakers which has a strong connection to British Intelligence and led to increased calls for open interference in Syria.

And in March this year a meeting took place between all the powers backing the anti-Assad forces at which it was decided that enough was enough and that the anti-Assad forces would be given everything, besides SAMs, to finish the job they started in 2011.

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