Saturday, July 02, 2016


The Fresh Start Project (FSP) was formed in September 2011 by Tory MPs Andrea Leadsom, Chris Heaton-Harris and George Eustice.

Leadsom also founded the All-Party Parliamentary Group for European Reform (APPGER), which uses an organisation called Open Europe (OE) as its secretariat.

Among other policies, this lot (FSP, APPGER and OE) are all for The City of London being able to do what it wants to do, and the see current and pending EU legislation on financial services as damaging to The City of London.

Leadsom is a former banker.

FSP's view on financial services can be found here.

Leadsom's brother-in-law Peter de Putron runs a hedge fund in Guernsey and has donated nearly £1 million to the Conservative Party, which appears to coincide with the rapid rise of Leadsom within the party.

But the most important fact is that FSP, APPGER and OE do NOT, repeat NOT, want a total Brexit, only reform to make the UK more 'independent' of the EU but not completely divorced from the EU.

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