Saturday, July 09, 2016


Before you vote Republican, please watch Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11. If you have seen it before then watch it again and again and again.

For all the war and pain in that film is due to what happened in its first 5 minutes or so.

Florida was expected to vote for Al Gore.

All the news networks were clearly stating so.

But it was the then little known Fox News who suddenly called Florida for George W Bush.

All other news networks then called Florida for Bush.

A recount was ordered.

But the recount was stopped by a riot called the Brooks Brothers riot.

As a result, George W Bush was elected as POTUS and the PNAC wars began.

So what?

Here is what you should be really, really concerned about:
1. Fox News is owned by Rupert Murdoch;
2. Murdoch was able to create Fox News due to an agreement he had earlier reached with the CIA and a guy called Roy Cohn that Murdoch would push the Reagan/CIA policies in Central America in return for Murdoch being given access to American media;
3. Roy Cohn was Donald Joker Trump's "greatest friend", lawyer and fixer, but he was also the consiglieri for the New York Mafia and also procured children for the CIA to abuse through a satanic cult they ran and for a padeo entrapment ring they ran to collect blackmail material;
4. after Fox News had called Florida for W, a recount was ordered, but it was stopped by the aforementioned Brooks Brothers riot which was arranged by Dodgy Roger Stone, who has been a great friend and aid of Donald Joker Trump, but who now appears on Infowars promoting Trump. Stone now appears on and writes for Fox News;
5. after fixing for W to cheat his way into The White House, Fox News then became the champion of the wars that were proposed by the faction that promoted PNAC and told General Wesley Clark that there would be war and regime change in seven countries in five years: Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Sudan, Somalia and Libya;
6. Permindex is implicated in several high level assassination attempts, including that of JFK. Permindex became Intertel which was purchased by CIA/mob money-laundering front Resorts International, which was bought in 1987 by...Donald Joker Trump;
7. it is now this right wing CIA Zionist Murdoch/Stone faction/apparatus promoting Trump.

In other words, the same apparatus that tricked its way into getting W elected as POTUS for all those abhorrent unnecessary wars is now promoting Trump.

The connection?


Anyone with any influence backing Trump hates the P5+1 deal with Iran, and wants it ripped up, some wanting war with Iran.

And yes, they are all Zionists!!

Including Trump!!

The Zionists have made it prety clear they want war with Iran.

Trump will give it to them.

Trump loves Israel, supports Saudi Arabia and would rip up the P5+1 deal with Iran and use the US military to threaten, i.e. make war on, Iran.

So if you fancy being tricked by a trickster then watch Fahrenheit 9/11...and think again.

Coz the network that brought us the Iraq war is now gunning for Trump.

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