Tuesday, July 05, 2016


In his latest rant, this time about America being great, PJW shoots himself in the foot several times:
1. America abolished slavery in 1865, but only after states like Texas had fought to protect slavery, and among those fighting to protect slavery were the ancestors of his employer, Alex Jones;
2. nations like Guatemala and El Salvador are named as shit holes, but they are shit holes because of American interference, imperialism and butchery (which, again, Alex Jones' CIA family may well have been involved in);
3. and then there is the small matter of Vietnam, and 9/11, the subsequent wars resulting in the deaths in the hundreds of thousands, and all those military bases all over the world, like tentacles of an imperial octopus devouring the globe;
4. and not forgetting that America is the only nation to have used atomic/nuclear weapons.

Yeah, America has 'freedom', guns, voting, and allegedly free market capitalism (but it is actually fascism).

But it also has a massive military and a ruling class that is using all that to achieve full spectrum dominance over the whole world.

So is a country 'great' if women can vote but those women can be persuaded by Rupert Murdoch's Fox News to vote in a bunch of murdering, fraudulent fascist scum to spread fascism even further across the globe?

I don't think so.

To me, America means global fascism and death.

And there is the strong possibility that it was meant to be thus.

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