Wednesday, July 06, 2016


Hillary Clinton is not going to be prosecuted over the email scandal.

Some, like Trump, are using this decision to claim that the system is rigged.

In that claim Trump is correct.

But if Clinton was to be prosecuted then Sanders would probably become the Democrat nomination...and in all polls Sanders has beaten Trump convincingly.

Instead, Clinton is now damaged. Her reputation is in tatters. Trump is using this decision to appear fair. And even the BBC is replaying what he said yesterday about the decision of the FBI, which is the 2nd time that the BBC have replayed a speech by Trump which made him look on-the-ball.

So, Clinton is damaged, Trump looks Presidential.

This is the network that has got behind and is promoting Trump:
1. Fox News, owned by Rupert Murdoch, has become cosy with Trump. But how did Murdoch break into the American media? He agreed with the CIA to promote Ronald Reagan's policies in Central America, which involved death squads and torture. In return Murdoch was granted access to American media. It was Fox News who was the first network who called Florida for Bush in 2000. The result was contested and a recount was ordered, but was stopped by a riot which was organised by...Dodgy Roger Stone;
2. Trump's "greatest friend", mentor and fixer was Roy Cohn, who was also the consiglieri for the New York Mafia, and also procured children for the CIA to abuse. It was Cohn who arranged for Murdoch to meet Reagan in The White House and reach the aformentioned agreement with the CIA to promote Reagan's policies in Central America;
3. Trump's former aide is Dodgy Roger Stone, whose hero is Roy Cohn. Stone is dodgy for 2 reasons, (a) for organising the aforementioned riot to stop the recount in Florida which allowed W Bush to enter the White House where W was surrounded by PNAC members ready and waiting to pounce on any event to send America on a global warmongering rampage, but generally against enemies of Israel, and (b) scuttling the investigation by Eliot Spitzer into the corrupt practices of Wall Street, resulting in global austerity for the 99%. Thus, Stone is implicated in the two most significant events of this century which have resulted in hundreds of thousands of dead, Islamic terror and global austerity. Stone appears on and writes for Fox News;
4. Trump's campaign manager is Paul Manafort, who provided PR for brutal dictators who had been brought to power by MI6 and the CIA;
5. it is Fox News who was notorious for supporting the wars after 9/11;
6. in the alternative media, Alex Jones' Infowars frequently has Stone on as a guest, where he is pushed as an 'insider'. Yet by his own admission, half of Jones' family is CIA! How is it possible that the self-proclaimed leader of the 'resistance' has a family half of whom are CIA?!
7. Roy Cohn sat on the board of Permindex, which is implicated in several high profile assassination attempts, including that of JFK. Permindex became Intertel, which was bought by the the CIA/mob money-laundering front Resorts International, which was bought by...Donald Trump.

So behind Trump you have the right-wing, CIA, Zionist network of Murdoch/Fox News/CIA/mob/Roy Cohn.

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