Sunday, July 10, 2016


In February 2014, after Putin had blocked the NATO/Zionist/Gulf monarchy war on Syria, NATO, contrary to its founding principles, allowed and promoted extreme neo-Nazi nationalists to destabilise Ukraine, set Kiev ablaze, shoot both protestors and police to provoke riots and finally overthrow the legitimately elected leader. The man who replaced him was hand-picked by the US State Dept and ran a foundation that was sponsored by NATO, the US Embassy in Kiev and George Soros. That man then packed his junta with those aforementioned NATO-promoted neo-Nazis who then proceeded to indiscriminately bomb and shell the civilians of East Ukraine who were more connected to Russia and saw the neo-Nazism and rebelled against it.

In that NATO-promoted neo-Nazi war on East Ukraine 7000 civilian have been killed, many of them women and children, and the tragedy of MH17 occured during that war.

That all started under Anders Fogh Rasmussen.

His successor is Jens Stoltenberg.

Here is what Stoltenberg said at the recent NATO summit, after NATO has destabilised Ukraine by using neo-Nazis:

Daft, eh?

Utter, utter bonkers!

What do you notice about NATO in this infographic?


NATO has expanded, from Checkpoint Charlie to the Russia border with Estonia and Latvia in the north, and is now destablising Ukraine with neo-Nazis to bring NATO upto the border with Russia in the south in Ukraine.

And forgetting the push to drag Scandinavia into NATO as well opening a mission to Israel.

No wonder Putin is warning of WW3!!

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