Saturday, July 09, 2016


Rupert Murdoch, who pushed UKIP in order to force the EU referendum, financed William Kristol's The Weekly Standard.

Kristol co-founded The Project for a New American Century which was the driving force behind the wars since 9/11: Iraq, Lebanon, Libya and Syria.

Murdoch is now pushing Donald Joker Trump via Fox News.

Sheldon Adelson is also financing Trump.

They (Trump, Murdoch and Adelson) are all strong Zionists.

You don't think Murdoch is pushing Trump in order to get Trump elected as POTUS so that a new 9/11 can be run to provoke Trump into finishing off PNAC's job by destroying Iran, first ripping up the P5+1 agreement?

Coz I do.

The right wing, Zionist connections are all there and plain to see.

Trump thinks the US military is weak (I predict Trump will provide the US military with a $1 trillion per year budget).

Trump is a strong Zionist, claiming that nobody loves Israel more than him.

He detests Iran, as does Adelson.

Both want to rip up that P5+1 deal and use the US military against Iran.

Iran was named in PNAC's Rebuilding America's Defenses as the greatest threat to US national security.

Trump is a liar over wars, claiming that he opposed the wars on Iraq and Libya when the truth is that before and as those wars began he supported the wars, demanding that America "grab the oil", and he only 'opposed' them as the wars turned out bad.

Neither Trump or Clinton in The White House.

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