Friday, July 01, 2016


Alex Jones has somehow been able to hijack the resistance to the 'New World Order'.

Yet half his family are CIA.

He admitted this on a radio show other than his own.

This morning I discovered that it was Donald Trump's mentor, fixer and "greatest friend" Roy Cohn who got Rupert Murdoch into the White House and into the American media. The purpose of this was to create a CIA/Reagan-controlled PR campaign to promote Reagan's Central American policies. Murdoch agreed, and was given access to American media. We now have the spectacle that Murdoch's highly influential Fox News is promoting Donald Trump.

Trump's 'former' aide was Dodgy Roger Stone, who:
1. organised a riot to stop a recount in Florida, which allowed George W Bush into the White House where he was surrounded by PNAC warmongers waiting for their "new Pearl Harbor" on 9/11 to start their plan for global domination;
2. scuttled Eliot Spitzer's investigation into the corrupt practices of Wall Street, which allowed Wall Street to continue those practices (as exposed in the excellent films Inside Job and The Big Short) until the bubble burst, resulting in us bailing out the banks and suffering fascist austerity).

In other words, Stone is implicated in the two most influential events of this century.

Stone now frequently appears on The Alex Jones Show, promoting Trump, but he also writes on and appears as a guest 'expert' on Fox News.

This is evidence not of an anti-New World Order apparatus, but of a right wing CIA apparatus.

So it would make sense that the members of Alex Jones' family who are/were CIA worked in implementing Reagan's Central American policies.

So, did they?

When you talk about Roy Cohn you are talking about a nasty piece of scum. Cohn:
1. procured children for a CIA satanic cult;
2. procured children for a paedphile entrapment ring to collect blackmail material for the CIA;
3. was the consiglieri for the New York Mafia;
4. sat on the board of Permindex which is implicated in the assassination of JFK, and other assassination attempts, including that of Charles de Gaulle.

But there are other connections that make this more than coincidental.

For example, Permindex became Intertel which was purchased by Resorts International which was eventually purchased by...Donald Trump.

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