Thursday, September 08, 2016


So it was the Dulles brothers who got Cohn into Saxe, Bacon.

Cohn then became the consiglieri for the New York mafia. He then became Trump's mentor, and Cohn's cousins created the economic conditions in New York for Trump and his ilk to become filthy, stinking rich.

Roy Cohn went on to greater fame, and ultimate disgrace, for his daring corruption as the manager of Joe McCarthy's inquisition. But the brothers John Foster Dulles and Allen Dulles, their political creation Thomas E. Dewey (respectively, U.S. secretary of state, CIA director, and New York governor), and FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, had all become Roy Cohn's patrons. The Dulleses and Dewey, controllers of the Republican Party, arranged in 1957 that Cohn be placed in the old-line Manhattan law firm Saxe, Bacon, which Cohn soon took over and made his base.

By the mid-1960s, Cohn was the leading lawyer, fixer, manager, and protector of Italian and Jewish mobsters. The Cohn apparatus controlled magazine and newspaper circulation, the selection of judges, real estate rackets, and many other corruptible aspects of public life which were of interest to the powerful. The Dulleses and Dewey had started it all by putting the British Empire's Canada-to-U.S. smuggling and murder arrangements of the 1920s bootleg era under strict new management.

...Roy Cohn's toy, Jerry Finkelstein, served as chairman of the New York Democratic Party in 1970-72. It was just then, while Dick Morris was still on the bankers' and landlords' payroll, that Dick began rising in Democratic Party politics. Eugene Morris told the Washington Insider interviewer that in the early 1970s, when Dick and his cronies worked in West Side Manhattan politics against local liberals such as Manfred Ohrenstein and Albert Blumenthal, the Dick Morris grouping was known on the street as "the junior Mafia."

Dick Morris learned to be the slickest spokesman for the post-Kennedy, post-industrial political gospel. The program was austerity and brutality for the poor, and unbridled free­dom for the speculators and looters. As New York and the nation stumbled on into the roaring 1980s, Dick was promoted as the guru of "realistic" politics. In New York, urban squalor spread, but papa Eugene's real estate bubble made crooks (many of them Roy Cohn's nominees, such as Donald Trump) into billionaires. Perhaps the biggest score was made by the Bronfman family, partners of Lansky and Rosenstiel. The Bronfmans worked inside "Trizec" and other real estate orga­nizations, as associates of the British Eagle Star group, the masters of drug money-laundering and global criminalization.

[source : New from the Roy Cohn file: Why 'Dirty Dick' Morris 'never had any qualms', EIR,, 9th August 1996]

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