Thursday, September 08, 2016


This makes Cohn the attack dog of the establishment.

And with Trump's purchase of Resorts International and his very, very, very extensive connections and business with the mob, it should raise serious concerns about Trump.

Basically, after several failed attempts to kill Larouche, the establishment tried to stitch him up instead. The New York Times was used to collect and then print dirt on Larouche, but Larouche found out, interrupted the plot and finally exposed it.

So who did the establishment turn to to destroy Larouche for them?


Roy Cohn.

And Cohn began to use voilence to intimidate Larouche.

And then Kissinger got on board with the plot.

Read it and weep, Trump fanboys. Your man is CIA/FBI/mob.

As the Our Town series was spread around New York City, the ADL, the FBI, and Cohn were busy soliciting violence against LaRouche and his associates. In late 1979, a "demonstration" was staged outside the mid-Manhattan offices of Campaigner Publications, LaRouche's publisher. Dennis King led a mob, made up of Jewish Defense League members, Yippies, and a few stray Jewish War Veterans on Cohn's payroll. The building was vandalized, and New York City police had to be called out to prevent a full-scale riot. A few weeks later, a team of Jewish Defense League would-be assassins, armed with hand-guns equipped with silencers, attempted to break into LaRouche's apartment in the Riverdale section of the Bronx. LaRouche was traveling at the time.

The pattern of violence against LaRouche and associates emanating from the Cohn syndicate continued for several years. By August 1982, Kissinger began to personally devote a tremendous amount of energy to the frame-up drive againstLaRouche, obtaining a greater commitment from FBI Director Webster to wipe out the LaRouche movement.

[source : How the New York Times jumped into bed with Roy Cohn, EIR, 19th July 1996]

Cohn detested the Kennedys.

One of the key claims made by EIR is that Cohn was part of the plot to kill JFK.

I would also add that it is more than coincidental that Robert Kennedy was assassinated in a hotel owned by the father of his best friend (and lover?) David Schine.

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