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Bernard Baruch contributed around 85% of the finance for the American Jewish League Against Communism.

The league had two purposes:
1. to take the heat off the Jewishness of Communism;
2. to get the Jews out of Communism and to support Zionism.

The AJLAC had a copy of a FBI report on Communists in the US government, and the AJLAC decided to get this out to the American public.

The AJLAC settled on supporting Senator Joe McCarthy to get the job done for them.

The AJLAC got Roy Cohn appointed as McCarthy's chief counsel (recall that yesterday I reported that Bernard Baruch gave a character reference for Roy Cohn and that Baruch and Cohn played Bridge together, and that Cohn was also very close to the ADL).

Cohn rose to fame during the Rosenberg trials. But why was Cohn chosen? Again, it was the AJLAC:
Varied were the motives of the League’s founding, but one of them was self-protection. . . . Many of the intellectuals in America were Jewish. During the New Deal some had achieved high position.Moreover, Karl Marx himself was the son of a Jew who later became a Christian.To adopt the sane position, to resist unfair smears and the attempts of bigots to portray the Jew as pro-red, might only make people mad. Better to go on the offensive against the Communist menace itself. Such was the attitude of some Jews—or at least the excuse they offered their friends—as national hysteria built up in 1948.

The possibility of the anti-Communism attack turning into a persecution of the Jews was very much on the minds of the government officials charged with prosecuting the alleged atom bomb spies, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. For that reason a Jewish judge was chosen, and the prosecuting staff selected to try the case was composed of Jews. One of their members was Roy Cohn.

This explains why Cohn was so manipulative during the Rosenberg case that he got Ethel's brother to lie under oath so that the Rosenbergs were found guilty and executed thus giving the impression that not all Communists are Jews and that some Jews are prepared to prosecute alleged Jewish Communists as per point 1. above.

According to David Greenglass, Cohn pressured him into testifying against his sister Ethel. In an interview with 60 Minutes in 2003, Greenglass admitted he’d lied on the stand. He testified his sister typed notes sent on to the Soviets, but in fact she hadn’t. He also said that Cohn was the one who’d pushed him to incriminate Ethel. Greenglass’s testimony led to his sister’s execution.

[source : A mentor in shamelessness: the man who taught Trump the power of publicity, The Guardian,, 20th April 2016]

This is beginning to show Roy Cohn was deeply active for Israel.

All this explains why Trump claims "nobody is more pro-Israel" than him.

Cohn admitted to procuring children for the CIA to abuse.

Donald Trump called Roy Cohn his "greatest friend".

Roy Cohn is one of Roger Stone's heroes.

The primary source used for this blog is "The Judas Goats : The Enemy Within" by Michael Colins Piper.

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