Saturday, September 10, 2016


On his official website, Donald Joker Trump addresses many issues: his first day in office, trade, education, Israel, etc.

And he even addresses the burning issue of Trump University!!

But the one issue he does not address is the banks.

It was his great friend and adviser/aide Dodgy Roger Stone who allowed Wall Street to wreck the global economy when Stone scuttled Eliot Spitzer and thus Spitzer's investigation into corrupt Wall Street practices.

The Wall Street crisis developed under the Republicans, and it occured under the Republicans.

The banks were bailed out with trillions. Even some British banks got hundreds of millions from the Federal Reserve.

That's why Obama and the Democrats won in 2008: the American people were sick of the war-and-financial-scandals agenda under George W Bush (who Stone helped to get in, by the way).

The banks promised that they would reform.

They haven't.

They are back selling their dodgy bonds and are still issuing yet more and more derivative after derivative.

The banks are a huge threat to not just America but the whole world, and the warning signs are there.

But what is Trump more concerned about?

Immigrants, walls, Israel and the military.

Watch Trump not talk about the banks in the many videos at issues.

And then shake your head as you ask yourself: how is he getting away with it?

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