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15 years ago today we witnessed the largest terrorist attack on US mainland soil. It kickstarted a war on Afghanistan and a subsequent series of wars in North Africa and the Middle East.

In order to drive the American public into supporting such a series of wars several organisations and media were formed years before and since to prepare the ground. For example, William Kristol co-founded The Project for a New American Century in 1997, but a few years earlier was bankrolled by Rupert Murdoch to publish The Weekly Standard. Kristol now runs The Emergency Committee for Israel.

Most of these organisations and media were Zionist to one degree or another.

One alleged opposition to the actions of the US government after 9/11 are Infowars.

But now they seem to be doing the bidding of that same faction within the US government that took the world to war after 9/11.

I've highlighted already several times the Cohn-Murdoch-Stone thing: that it was Cohn who got his good friend Rupert Murdoch into US TV broadcasting after Murdoch agreed to finance an illegal domestic CIA operation to infuence the American public into supporting CIA death squads in Latin America; that Murdoch formed Fox News which in 2000 called Florida for Bush which forced a recount which was stopped by Stone which led to George W Bush entering the White House where he was surrounded by bloodthirsty PNACers; and that it was Fox News driving the calls for war on Iraq along with William Kristol and his gang after 9/11.

But take a look at this network based on Richard Mellon Scaife. Earlier this week I found out that Roy Cohn was the de facto liaison between the establishment and the mob when he and Kissinger worked to destroy Lyndon Larouche which provoked violence and an attempt on Larouche's life. When they failed the job was handed to John Train and was bankrolled by Richard Mellon Scaife.

Richard Mellon Scaife was both the financier and a participant in a series of 1983-84 clandestine "Get LaRouche" salon sessions at the New York City offices of Anglophile spook-banker John Train. These played a pivotal role in the Justice Department railroad prosecution and jailing of LaRouche and associates, in what former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark called the greatest instance of prosecutorial abuse and a political witch-hunt he had ever witnessed. According to eyewitness accounts, Mellon Scaife picked up the tab for salon participants from all over the political spectrum, who all shared the goal of silencing LaRouche—including Dennis King, Chip Berlet, Russell Bellant, and John Rees.

...All told, over the past two decades, Mellon Scaife foundations have pumped $6.45 million into the David Horowitz Freedom Center, and an incredible $4.287 million into the Maldon Institute.

Perhaps the prime target of the Horowitz apparatus in the past two years has been Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton. Horowitz Freedom Center Director of Research Richard Poe has authored a scurrilous biography titled Hillary's Secret War; and more recently, Poe and Horowitz penned a sequel volume, Shadow Party: How George Soros, Hillary Clinton and Sixties Radicals Seized Control of the Democratic Party. These books, in turn, have been promoted through other Mellon Scaife-bankrolled outfits, including WorldNet and NewsMax, which function as echo chambers for political dirty-tricks operations, run through the Horowitz groups.

[source : Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy At It Again, With a New Twist, EIR,, 17th August 2007]

The Scaife Foundations have been identified as one of the largest donors to Islamophobic organisations in the USA.

The Scaife Foundations have been identified by the Center for American Progress as “one of the biggest contributors to the Islamophobia network” in the United States. CAP’s 2011 report, “Fear Inc.,” revealed that the Scaife Foundations “contributed $3.4 million to the David Horowitz Freedom Center, $1.575 million the Counter Terrorism & Security Education and Research Foundation (CTSERF), and $2.9 million to Frank Gaffney‘s Center for Security Policy.”

In 2013 alone, the Sarah Scaife Foundation gave roughly $625,000 to the American Enterprise Institute, $40,000 to the neoconservative Commentary magazine, and $125,000 to the American Foreign Policy Council.

[source : Scaife Foundations,, Accessed: 11th September 2011]

The David Horowitz Center runs such media as Truth Revolt.

And one of their favourite commentators is Paul Joseph Watson.

PJW recently retweeted this by Truth Revolt:

Another David Horowitz project is Frontpage Mag. See here Frontpage promote a video by PJW.

Fox and the Horowitz Center all support Trump.

As do Infowars, who appear to have fallen, wittingly or unwittingly, into this establishment right wing apparatus.

Trump's main issues are immigration, a wall, building a massive war machine and protecting Israel by ripping up the P5+1 deal with Iran and renegotiating a new and much tougher one which could destabilise the Middle East even further.

Trump appears not that concerned about Wall Street because he does not mention Wall Street or banking once in the many videos published on his issues page on his official website Donald J Trump.

Perhaps that's why the establishment right wing are gunning for him...

First Murdoch's Fox network. Now Scaife's Islamophobic network.

But where do Infowars fit in exactly?

On 6th June this year Truth Revolt retweeted this by Benjamin Netanyahu, who Trump called "a great guy" after Netanyahu had murdered 520 children in Gaza.

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