Sunday, September 04, 2016


And here is what Trump said about Mexico:
So, as I prepare to campaign all across the nation, and in every community, I will have an opportunity to lay out my plans for economic change. Which will be so good for Detroit and so good for this community because we're going to bring jobs back. I will have a chance ... Thank you. We're bringing them back. We're taking them from Mexico and everywhere else because they're gone.

Does that mean that he will force his daughter Ivanka to bring all her jobs, currently overwhelmingly outsourced to China, back to 'Murica?

And will he do the same? Bring all his jobs back, from China, from Mexico, from Honduras, from Indonesia, from Vietnam, from Bangladesh?

What plans have he and Ivanka made for this transition from greedy international capitalists to patriotic 'Muricans?

And always, always, always remember:
1. Donald Joker Trump called for the execution of five innocent African-American and Hispanic teenagers before they had even been sent to trial!!;
2. he and his father were prosecuted for racial discrimination.

Which is why I say: neither Clinton nor Trump.

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