Saturday, September 03, 2016


In 1989 a female jogger in Central Park was brutally raped but she survived. The police accused five teenage boys of African-American and Hispanic descent.

Before the five were even sent to trial Trump had taken out signed full page ads in New York newspapers demanding the execution of the boys!!

This was after he and his father were prosecuted for racial discrimination (which provoked Trump to seek out Roy Cohn).

The boys were found guilty due to confessions beaten out of them by the cops, but were sent to prison.

The true culprit eventually confessed, which was backed up by DNA evidence, and the boys were released.

So what does Trump say today?

This guy's best mate procured children for the CIA to abuse.

This guy thinks Iran is the troublemaker in the Middle East and that Israel and Saudi Arabia are the victims.

This guy called Benjamin Netanyahu "a great guy".

This guy, despite ranting against bad trade deals with China, allowed his daughter to build a supply chain overwhelmingly based in China, and he is not that opposed to using the odd sweatshop himself, in China, in Mexico, in Indonesia and elsewhere too.

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