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Scaife represented the right wing of the British/CIA/Zionist elements of Wall Street and intelligence, and financed the very networks now promoting Trump and referencing Infowhores videos and tweets.

Need I say more, given that half of Alex Jones' family is CIA?

It's just Leftist Globalists v Rightist Globalists.

Richard M. Scaife is the billionaire “funding father of the right” who contributes to numerous mainstream conservative causes, think tanks, foundations, and advocacy groups through three foundations: the Sarah Scaife, the Carthage, and the Allegheny.

He is the principal heir to the Mellon family banking, oil, and aluminum fortune, with an estimated worth of $1.2 billion. He is ranked 993 on Forbes magazine’s list of billionaires.

Scaife is currently the chairman of his three foundations. Michael W. Gleba, a Pittsburgh attorney, is the president of the Sarah Scaife Foundation and treasurer for the Carthage Foundation. Scaife maintains close ties to the Heritage Foundation in his capacity as the vice chairman of the conservative think tank.

Heritage president Edwin Feulner serves as a trustee for the Sarah Scaife Foundation, according to its latest tax filings. In 2009, the Sarah Scaife Foundation contributed $550,000 to the conservative American Enterprise Institute; $125,000 to the hawkish American Foreign Policy Council; and $40,000 to Commentary, a neoconservative magazine and online publication.

Between 2001 and 2009, Richard Mellon Scaife’s foundations contributed $7,875,000 to Islamophobic groups profiled in this report. Among the recipients were the Center for Security Policy ($2,900,000), the Counterterrorism & Security Education and Research Foundation ($1,575,000), and the David Horowitz Freedom Center ($3,400,000).

The Richard Mellon Scaife foundations did not respond to requests for comment by time of publication.

[source : Fear Inc., Center for American Progress,, August 2011]

(The Center for American Progress is a recipient of donations from George Soros, The Ford Foundation, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and The Embassy of United Arab Emirates)

Dickie Scaife is what one might call a second-generation ``OSS brat.'' During World War II, Dickie's father, as well as a number of his father's close business and familial associates, occupied high positions in the Office of Strategic Services (OSS)--America's wartime intelligence service. Alan Scaife, his father, was a lieutenant colonel in the OSS. A number of cousins of Dickie's mother, Sarah Mellon Scaife, also had very high positions in the OSS.

For example: Paul Mellon (a cousin of Dickie's mother and a rabid Anglophile) was recruited in London to the OSS by his brother-in-law, David Bruce. Paul trained with British troops, became a major in the OSS, worked under Allen Dulles in Berne, Switzerland, and commanded a unit responsible for conducting propaganda operations behind disintegrating German lines.

David Bruce, husband of Paul Mellon's sister Ailsa Mellon Bruce, was designated by OSS head William Donovan to oversee all OSS operations in Europe from his base in London. (Although some say, with justification, that it was Bruce who was designated by the U.S. banking-establishment families to oversee Donovan.) Another OSS cousin was Larimer Mellon, who likewise worked on Allen Dulles's staff in Berne.

David Bruce (a direct descendant of the Scottish Bruce dynasty) later divorced Ailsa and married his second wife, Evangeline, an OSS secretary whose father had been a special liaison to British intelligence from the U.S. State Department.

It is reliably reported that these Anglophilic OSS circles around Scaife's father were the crucial influence on steering Dickie into intelligence-related ``philanthropy''--i.e., the private funding of joint British-U.S. intelligence projects which were commonly mis-identified as ``CIA'' projects or fronts.

It is more accurate to describe the CIA as a ``front'' for these Anglo-American banking families. But even that would be too simple. The CIA is an agency of government, and is thus subject to the institutional and bureaucratic pressures to which any agency of government must respond. The ``families'' attempt to control the CIA, as they do with the State Department and other agencies. The principal means of control is through the private financing of think-tanks, conferences, publications, etc., which attempt to train the personnel, and set the agenda, for the institutions of government. This is precisely what Dickie Scaife and his family money did when the Reagan-Bush administration came into office in 1981.

...When he was 40 years old, having been trained and disciplined through some particularly nasty operations to be described in our next installment, Dickie Scaife was formally inducted into the top levels of the Anglo-American bankers' intelligence apparatus. In 1973, he took control of the Scaife family foundations, which he had previously run jointly with his sister Cordelia. He dramatically changed the focus of foundation grants, to emphasize British-intelligence-oriented ``right-wing'' think-tanks such as the Heritage Foundation, or the Georgetown Center for Strategic and International Studies. This was not something totally new; funding from the Scaife family foundations for some of these institutions, such as the National Strategy Information Center, goes back into the early 1960s.

...Scaife is also one of the biggest financiers of British-linked think-tanks in the United States promoting ``conservative'' social and economic policies--prototypical of which is the Heritage Foundation. Although beer magnate Joseph Coors is more publicly identified with Heritage, the fact is, that Scaife has provided more funding for Heritage than has Coors. From 1974 up through the end of the 1970s, Scaife provided about $200,000 a year to Heritage; after a shakeup in the late 1970s--which transformed it into what one Heritage staff member termed ``an outpost for British intelligence in the United States''--Scaife's support jumped to the range of $1 million a year.

... The ``charter'' of the secret government and privatized intelligence operations was Executive Order 12333, signed by Ronald Reagan on Dec. 4, 1981, along with EO 12331 (signed Oct. 20, 1981, which reconstituted the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board, or PFIAB), and EO 12334 (also signed Dec. 4, 1981, which created the three-member Intelligence Oversight Board). The relationship between the three orders, was that PFIAB would identify areas where intelligence ``active measures'' or covert operations were desired; the Oversight Board then reviewed covert actions and provided the legal justification for them.

EO 12333 and its sister orders were the product of the Godson CSI Consortium process, along with a workshop on ``Law, Intelligence and National Security'' sponsored by the American Bar Association's Standing Committee on Law and National Security held in Washington in December 1979. All of this was funded by Scaife, and naturally, almost everyone who played a major role in the creation of EO 12333 was involved with the Sciafe-funded think-tank network. It was reportedly drafted by two regulars at the Godson Consortium--Angelo Codevilla, from the Hoover Institution and a senior staffer for the Senate Intelligence Committee, and Kenneth deGraffenreid, also a former Senate Intelligence Committee staffer and a Reagan-Bush NSC official--and then run through the Senate and House Intelligence Committees.

[source : Who Is Richard Mellon Scaife?, American Almanac,, Accessed: 11th September 2016]

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