Thursday, November 03, 2016


The guest in Infowars last night immediately after Gladio's Steve Pieczenik was Joseph Farah.

And what a love-in it was. Jones praised Farah for his journalism, in particular for Farah founding The Western Journalism Center. But guess who financed the centre? Yaaarp. The CIA/MI6's very own RICHARD MELLON SCAIFE!!

(If you want to know who Scaife is just ask former Infowhore Kurt Nimmo)

A spin-off of the centre is Farah's World Net Daily, which is arguably THE most Zionist media outlet on the internet. Even more Zionist than PJW's new best mate Ezra Levant!

And didn't you notice that Pieczenik was threatening Clinton? The rumour coming out of this latest investigation is that Hillary Clinton is a lesbian paedophile. Pieczenik warned that if Clinton doesn't withdraw and hand the election to Trump then these kinds of rumours are just going to get worse and worse.

This is looking more and more like just as I said: a right-wing Zionist/FBI/CIA/mob coup.

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