Friday, November 04, 2016


Michael Moore has sold out. Just like PJW.

But also just like Donald Trump.

PJW sold out to the Zionists. They love him, and he apparently loves them (Ezra Levant, Truth Revolt, Stefan Molyneux, etc).

You see, Trump has ranted and whined against all those baaaaaaaaad trade deals that Clinton signed that apparently rip off America.

But what has Trump done for at least the last decade?


He has used those exact same trade deals to ship his jobs overseas, to cheap sweatshops with very few if any workers rights, in China, in Mexico, in Bangladesh, in Vietnam, in Indonesia, in Honduras. And as for his "voluptuous" "piece of ass" (the words of Trump and Stern, not mine) daughter Ivanka, her clothing and accessories are made overwhelmingly in China...the very nation that Trump is targetting and will target should he become POTUS.

Because, didn't you know?, nobody in 'Murica can make a shirt, or a tie, or a pair of trousers, or a jacket, or a dress, or a pair of glasses, or a window, etc, etc, etc.

But you can trust Trump. Right?

Er, naaaarp.

Trump claims he was against the Iraq war in 2003. But just months before the war started he told Howard Stern that he supported it, and that in fact the job should have been finished in 1991! Trump only began to criticise the running of the war, not the war itself, during its first week, and only came out publicly against it in 2004 when it was obvious the war had been a disaster.

And then there is Libya. How many times has he flipped flopped on Libya? HE DEMANDED THAT WAR!! He is on Youtube demanding the oil. And he now has the cheek to criticise establishment witch Clinton!?

Trump is not anti-establishment. He is a privileged, greedy, international capitalist. And he is anti-Democrat but in particular anti-Clinton. That is all. That is why the FBI is behind him, trying to rig the election with this latest email investigation. Nothing concrete so far, but plenty of rumour and gossip about paedophile rings, etc. Just the kind of smear to influence elections.

Podesta's account was hacked in March. Why was all this stuff on Clinton not released on Wikileaks before the DNC? Because they knew that if it was released before the DNC then Sanders would get the nomination and Sanders was wiping the floor with Trump's dodgy hair in every poll. So they've waited until Clinton was nominated and only now release the Podesta stuff.

And if Pieczenik is running this anti-Clinton coup, then just remember that he killed, or as he says 'sacrificed', Aldo Moro as part of NATO's Operation Gladio terrorism.

But will Trump and Ivanka return all the profits they have made over the years from all those baaaaaaaaad trade deals?

Probably not.

So what has happened to Donald Trump?

Trump decided to run for POTUS because of the P5+1 deal with Iran.

It was that deal that made Donald's mind up. Nothing to do with patriotism. Nothing to do with getting Clinton. It was that, to him, the safety of the Zionists of Israel, after they had murdered 520 children in Gaza in 2014, was being threatened.

And what did Trump say at AIPAC? His number one priority is to not get Clinton, but to rip up the P5+1 deal with Iran, and thus destabilise the Middle East even more.

Just remember that. It was not patriotism or an urge to get Clinton that persuaded Trump to run for POTUS. It was to save the Zionists of Israel from what he says is a baaaaaaaaaad deal.

That's why there seems to be this Zionist/Infowhores lovefest, with PJW loving Levant and Molyneux and the feeling reciprocated, and why Alex Jones praises Joseph Farah of the extreme Zionist World Net Daily when Farah was financed by the CIA/MI6 agent Richard Mellon Scaife, and why David Horowitz's Truth Revolt calls PJW an "excellent commentator" for PJW's video about the problem not being radical Islam, the problem is just Islam, when we know that radical Islam is run by NATO/Saudi/CIA/MI6/Mossad intelligence, as well as the FBI Terror Factory.

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