Tuesday, March 28, 2017


It occured in late 2010. The World Cup had been held that summer. I was sat on a train waiting for it to leave the station and begin its journey to take me home when I saw a guy on one of the platforms wearing a Brazil football squad tracksuit top. I thought to myself, "Hey! That looks pretty cool! I think I'll buy one."

Anyway, the next day Alex Jones was wearing one!

No kidding!

It was like Alex Jones could read my mind (or someone else was and telling him what to wear).

But this fits into a pattern:
1. the Brazil tracksuit top;
2. he starts to use the word "narcissist" after I sent the Bolton Monarchy those reports and I used that word, which I rarely do;
3. the day after I watched A Room With a View on DVD in the living room, Watson uncharacteristically tweets a picture of the famous cathedral in Florence which features in the film.

And Watson appears to have deleted an incriminating tweet from 2015.

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