Wednesday, March 22, 2017


9/11 was designed to provoke a series of seven wars in five years. The nations planned to be attacked were Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Sudan and Somalia.

The wars that have occured since 9/11 are Iraq in 2003, and Lebanon in 2006.

And by late 2006 the American people were sick to death of wars.

So a Plan B was executed: unleash the worst international cutthroat Jihadis onto Syria, Iran and Lebanon. This was agreed by the USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia.

These Jihadis were given cover as 'freedom fighters' under the banner of US-state dept engineered The Arab Spring.

It kicked off in Libya in 2011, and six months later, after guidance from MI6/BSF and air support from NATO, these Jihadis (who were actually al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb) killed Colonel Gaddafi.

It also kicked off in Syria about the same time. The British planned the lines to smuggle these Jihadis into Syria. But despite early progress the Jihadis were stalled by the Syrian Arab Army, and this covert war on Syria (financially sponsored by Saudi Arabia and Qatar with weapons and logistics from the USA) went on and on and on.

Many Jihadis flocked to Syria; from Belgium; from France; and from the UK. They were allowed to go to Syria via NATO member Turkey for a dual purpose:
1. to try to kick out if not kill Assad;
2. to return to their homeland to commit terrorism having received training in Syria.

It was predicted years ago, right here on TTS, that those Jihadis would return to the UK to commit terrorism. They want us all terrified.

Photos suggest that the alleged attacker looks like a classic Jihadi: brown skin; bald; black beard.

Would be interested to know if he was on a watch list or at least known of as these people often are.

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