Thursday, March 23, 2017


When you read the following, keep in mind that EIR accuse regular Infowhores guest Roger Stone of being a lover of deep, dark CIA agent Roy Cohn, that Cohn ran paedophile networks for the CIA, that veteran NYPD investigator Jim Rothstein accuses Stone of assisting Cohn in those peadophile networks, and that things suddenly changed at Infowhores when Stone appeared to Alex Jones in a puff of smoke about 18 months ago.

In 1996, Stone was forced to resign a top post with Bob Dole’s presidential campaign after the National Enquirer reported that he and his wife Nydia, now 69, had placed numerous ads online and in swingers magazines seeking single men and couples for group sex. One ad described Stone as a bodybuilder and included a shirtless photo of him with a black bar over his eyes. His wife is pictured topless in an accompanying image.

Stone initially denied placing the ads, claiming that they were the work of a “very sick individual.” But years later he admitted to The New Yorker that the ads were authentic, and described himself as a “libertine.”

Undaunted by the Dole disaster, the Stones continued swinging. In a December 2006 post on the Dark Cavern web site, the couple advertised for a male partner who “must be 22-40, lean, muscular and hung like a horse.” The ad, which included Stone’s Hotmail address, offered a graphic description of Nydia’s body and the notation that “Obidient husband shares her cunt.” Respondents were directed to “Contact me/us with a photo of face/body/meat.” The Stone ad was found on a meetup page for Florida swingers.

Dark Cavern (motto: “We unite black and white”) is dedicated to facilitating and chronicling sexual encounters between “black studs” and white women (usually while the husband looks on). The site offers recaps from couples about “going black” and has a section where “wives and studs” can suggest “new ways to humiliate the wimp hubbies.”

The news that one of their beloved “Deplorables” once advertised for “huge hung black Cock” might not go over well in alt-right circles, where masculinity, virility, and racial prominence are prized.

[source : Roger Stone's Russian Hacking "Hero", The Smoking Gun,, 8th March 2017]

How much longer must we suffer the Infowhores perverts?


How much longer?


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