Thursday, March 30, 2017


Note that Israel has annexed more of The West Bank since 2005.

On the Eve of the 41st Anniversary of Land Day March 30th, 2017, President of Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS), Ms. Ola Awad, has Presented the Anniversary through Statistics and Figures.

According to PCBS, Israeli Occupation Authorities laid hand over more than 85% of the total area of historical land of Palestine, which totals about 27,000 km2. Arabs comprise 48% of the total population, but utilize only 15% of the land. The Palestinian people remember the confiscation of 21 thousand dunums of land in Al-Jalil, Al-Muthalth and Al-Naqab on 30 March 1976. On this day, the Israeli Authorities expropriated the land and responded violently to the protestations, killing six young demonstrators.

[source : Land Day 2017: Occupation laid hands over more than 85% of historic Palestine, Palestine News Network,, 30th March 2017]

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