Tuesday, March 28, 2017


"Trump drains the deep state swamp" is the headline describing the cartoon.


Yes. Really.

But the cartoon is such a load of bollocks.


Because Trump has picked from the groups depicted as the swamp!

From Bilderberg Trump has picked Peter Thiel, "Mad Dog" Mattis and one Rick Perry, who Alex protested very loudly against calling Perry a traitor.

From the CFR Trump has picked McMaster, Gorsuch, McFarland, Chao, Lightizer, and Schwarzman, and is even considering CFR chief Haas for his administration.

One major group not depicted in the cartoon is Skull and Bones, of which Mnuchin and Schwarzman are members.

Another is The Trilateral Commission, of which Ken Juster is a member.

A bank we all agree is the swamp is Goldman Sachs, from which Trump has picked six very senior employees, as well as unleashing Wall Street to prey once more on the American people.

Trump wants to empower the surveillance deep state, i.e. NSA, by bringing back several NSA snooping programs that Obama stopped!!

Trump is as pro-Israel as they come and is thus more likely to commit treason for Israel and allow Israel to go on the rampage in the Middle East.

And the killer fact: Trump is being advised by Henry Kissinger, for whom Trump has "tremendous respect".

And the Trump body count grows by the day.

It's all such a farce.

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