Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Brown Moses is pushing us to war in Ukraine...and without evidence.

In the following video that he has posted on his twitter account, of a speech that he gave recently, he repeats the same claims as fact as if he has the evidence when there is no evidence to support those claims.

The big lie is at 5:00 when talking about the smoking gun BUK in Luhansk on 18th July he says, "Here we have the same missile launcher", referring to a BUK seen in Shizhne on 17th July.


Where is the evidence to support this claim?

The only evidence for this is the red trailer and white cabin, not that it is the same BUK. And I have provided an alternative explanation for a BUK with a missing missile: a Ukraine Air Force Antonov An 26 was shot down with a BUK in the Luhansk region on 14th July.

And the second claim that he makes that I strongly dispute is this reference to "separatist controlled territory".


On 13th July Porky tweeted that the Kiev Nazis were going to create a corridor to Luhansk airport, a corridor to the south and west of Luhansk, i.e. directly between Shizhne and Luhansk. His beloved social media will show how that that corridor was created over the next few days.

So guess what?


Luhansk was a war zone, being shelled by the Kiev Nazis daily.

And not only that it was a dead end for any smoking gun BUK making its way back to Russia: North of Luhansk was also controlled by the Kiev Nazis; East of Luhansk offered no easy route to Russia.

The easiest and safest route to transport any smoking gun BUK away from Shizhne would be to keep it deep inside separatist controlled territory and transport it on wide roads to Krasnodon.

Brown Moses might be good at locating a particular shop in Torez but he must stop making these wild and dangerous allegations as if they are fact when he has no evidence to support those claims.

The Ukraine Interior Minister Arsen Avakov, who first said the smoking gun BUK was filmed in Krasnodon then corrected himself to say it was in Luhansk, is from the Yulia Tymoshenko camp of politics in Ukraine. She wants to use nukes to kill Russians in the region. Avakov is a Kiev Nazi who breaks the rules and imposes a Nazi as a Chief of Police for Kiev. He contradicts the counterintelligence chief who said the smoking gun BUK was already in Russia at dawn on 18th July. He cannot be trusted.

Where is the evidence to support the claim that the BUK seen in Shizhne on 17th July is the BUK allegedly filmed in Luhansk on 18th July?

How did the smoking gun BUK get to Luhansk when all major routes from Shizhne to Luhansk crossed a war zone infested with Kiev Nazis?

Why would the separatists transport a smoking gun BUK into such an area, and when Luhansk was a dead end for any BUK, and when transporting it to Krasnodon was safer and more logical?

Answers please.

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