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In WHERE IS THE EVIDENCE TO SUPPORT THIS? I questioned a statement that Eliot Higgins made in a presentation that he gave about tracing the BUK that allegedly shot down MH17. Higgins makes the statement at 5:00 into the video in that link.

RTL Nieuws recently published a report into some photos of a plume of smoke. Some are saying that this plume of smoke was made by the BUK that shot down MH17. The photos were taken near Shizhne.

Now, almost immediately after MH17 came down the Ukraine Security Service released tapes of alleged intercepts of communications between Ukraine separatists and Russian military officers which the Ukraine Security Service said proved 100% beyond doubt that MH17 was shot down by Cossacks from Chernukhino. They also released a video of a BUK with missing missiles which they at first said was filmed in Krasnodon but quickly changed this to Luhansk.

The reaction from Higgins is that the photos investigated by RTL support your thesis, as implied in your report, that MH17 was shot down from Shizhne not Chernukhino.

So what is your belief in the trustworthiness of the Ukraine Security Service?

Are the Ukraine Security Service liars? Fraudsters? Sick hoaxsters?

And if you do not believe the Ukraine Security Service can be trusted then how can you allow Higgins in a presentation to say that the BUK in the video filmed in Luhansk is the one that shot down MH17 when that video was provided by the Ukraine Security Service?

It is not fine for Higgins to casually wave his arms and joke that the BUK in the video filmed in Luhansk was the one that shot down MH17, without explaining how it got there.

The actual location that the video was filmed was a crossroads in a western suburb of Luhansk. This is crucial for reasons I shall now explain.

For nearly 2 months now I have been pointing out that on 13th July Porky tweeted that the Ukraine Army which was based to the south west of Luhansk was going to punch a hole in the defences of the separatists around Luhansk and create a corridor running from west of Luhansk, through the area south of Luhansk, to Luhansk Airport which is south south east of Luhansk. This meant that on 17th and 18th July that whole area between Shizhne and Luhansk was a war zone and infested with Kiev Nazis. So how did a BUK that allegedly shot down MH17 from a field south of Shizhne on the afternoon of 17th July get to a western suburb of Luhansk at sunrise (which was 0527ish) on 18th July? And pleas explain why a western suburb.

But as the following graphic suggests, from the Rothschild's The Interpreter, that western suburb of Luhansk lies on a natural route between Chernukhino and Luhansk.

I should really have added lots of little Nazi swastikas to the west, south and south south east of Luhansk to indicate that the area between Shizhne and Luhansk was a war zone infested with Kiev Nazis.

But the separatists claim that they shot down an Antonov An 26 with a BUK from Chernukhino on 14th July.

So assuming that the separatists did shoot down MH17 then where was it from: Chernukhino or Shizhne?

If Shizhne then what does that say about the Ukraine Security Service and all the evidence that they have produced and handled? And how did a BUK get from Shizhne through a war zone to a western suburb of Luhansk?

And if Chernukhino then what does that say about your report and in particular Higgins?

You are the ones driving us into WW3 by providing 'evidence' that the separatists shot down MH17 while NATO keeps its alleged 'evidence' secret.

Where was MH17 allegedly shot down from: Chernukhino or Shizhne?

Answers please.

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