Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Ukraine has today taken us one step closer to WW3 by voting to repeal the law that blocked Ukraine joining NATO.

Nobody seems to find it just a teeny weeny bit suspicious that in the few days immediately previous to this vote:
1. the USA had given the official "completely botched" investigation its 'classified' data, the data that it says is slam dunk evidence against the separatists but we can't see it, only the official "completely botched" investigation run by NATO and its wannabes can see it (if it so slam dunk then why has it been kept secret so long instead of being released to the public and skewering the separatists in August, thus stopping the war?);
2. RTL publishes a report and interview just the day before the vote of a man claiming to have taken a photo of a plume of smoke that may or may not originate just South of Torez/Shizhne just after MH17 was hit, but not pointing out that the Kiev Nazi SBU have had their bloody hands on it from the start, the same SBU who cobbled together a tape recording claiming that MH17 was shot down by Cossacks from Chernukhino.

It is things like the above that influence voters, particularly if the twittersphere goes mental, but a few months down the line nobody cares about.

I repeat: Ukraine is a coveted prize of the Kiddie-fiddlers in London, and they will stop at nothing to get it, particularly now that the BRICS have formed a viable alterative to their bloodsucking IMF system, which ironically Ukraine is now a victim of!

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