Monday, December 22, 2014


There is much joy being shown by Eliot Higgins et al at this report from RTL into a photograph alleged to show the plume of the missile that brought down MH17. The allegation is that the field where the missile was allegedly fired from has been traced to a few miles south of Shnizhne. As with their Belling Cat report, they claim the RTL report 'confirms'. Er, no it does not. The RTL report does not rule out the possibility.

But the Kiev Nazis released recordings that they say prove that a team of Cossacks shot MH17 down from Chernukhino...which is a good few miles North West of Shizhne!

And this still means that explanations need to be made about how a BUK allegedly in a field south of Shizhne got to that suburb of West Luhansk at approximately 0500 on 18th July when the Kiev Nazis said that all BUKs were back in Russia by 0400.

We are talking about gaining control of Ukraine, an aim of NATO for decades. RTL Nieuws is Dutch. The Netherlands was one of the founding members of NATO. NATO has just used bona fide Nazis to overthrow a legitimately elected government. NATO media portrayed the Kiev Nazis as saints, even as they burned anti-Kiev protestors alive in Odessa. The Kiev Nazis and their NATO supporters cannot be trusted, as shown above.

And still no recognition that the Kiev Nazi military has BUKs yet is in control of the investigation along with NATO-founder The Netherlands.

So of course it's not going to be a corrupt and unbiased investigation, is it?

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